Update: New Beer Maps - Austria, Bayern (Germany), Belgium, Czech Republic

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Beer-A-Day - Open Data 'Eternal' Page-A-Day Calender - beer.db Web App Sample in Ruby on Rails

As an example of using the beer.db - open public domain beer n brewery data - added a page-a-day “eternal” calendar serving a different beer every day. See a live demo with an all-Austrian taproom (Feed) or build your own. All code and data is public domain. Cheers. Prost. Kampai.

PS: Added another live demo with an all-Belgian taproom (Feed) and both calendars now offer a web feed with the ten latest beers of the day.

New beer.db Build System - Welcome ./Datafile e.g. $beerdb new at

The beerdb command line tool now includes a new build system (as a new and easier all-in-one option). To try it - use the new Datafile - a mini language a.k.a. domain-specific language (DSL) that lets you setup new beer.db’s in minutes. For example, to setup a beer.db for Austria use:


world 'openmundi/world.db', setup: 'countries'
world 'openmundi/austria.db'

beer 'openbeer/at-austria'

That’s it. Now run

$ beerdb build

The new build command will look for the ./Datafile script in your working folder and

  • Step 1) Download all datasets as zip archives (from GitHub) to ./tmp
  • Step 2) Create all database tables
  • Step 3) Read/import all datasets from the zip archives in ./tmp (no need to unpack)

That’s it. Still early and rough. If you try the new Datafile build let us know how it goes.

PS: The repo also includes new quick starter Datafile templates. Use like

$ beerdb new <name>  e.g.
$ beerdb new at

See the new quick start Datafile repo for details.

New Repo /maps - Free 'Full-Screen' Interactive Beer Maps w/ Brewery Listings

New Repo - Bayern (Baviria) - incl. European Beer Stars 2011, 2012, 2013

Moved all beer, brewpub n brewery data for Bayern (Baviria) to its own repo, that is, openbeer/by-bayern.

Also includes all European Beer Star winners from Bayern (Baviria) for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Cheers. Prost.

New GitHub Org beer.csv - Beer Data in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) e.g. Wiener Original, 5.3%, 12.3°, Ottakringer, Vienna Lager

Started (yet another) GitHub org, that is, beer.csv, that collects beer data in the CSV (comma-separated values) format for easy (re)use.

To get started added - for a change - beer statistics such as production, imports, exports, consumption, consumption per head, etc. Example:

Country,2009 (l),2010 (l),2011 (l)

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